There's an 'invisible wall' stoping (mostly) blokes showing emotion. 🙋‍♂️

As a result, male suicide rates are at disgustingly high levels. 👎

Societal pressure and outdated stereotypes are driving this.

I was hearing too often about someone I knew getting into trouble.

I decided it’s something we need to change. 

To be honest, this goes beyond the a ‘mental health’ talk.

A term I think still alarms us as a ‘voodoo’ word. 🙅‍♂️

Mental health doesn't have to mean something's wrong. 

It extends to asking for advice, help or just venting about life. 💬

It's time to stop having our serious conversations in the late hours,

Ones that we don't follow up on after too many beers.🍻

The goal is to make these conversations part of the everyday.

Something you can talk about at the bus stop, in the classroom, at work or on a weekend, with your mates.

The truth is, the change starts with you. 

We all have the chance to be the advocate in our friendship group. 

No matter your background or circumstances. 🤝

When you speak with gravity to your mates, they will listen. ✅

If that's scary for you, we're here to help. It's what mates are for.

2 Minute Mates is about providing mental health support services so we can have stronger 💪 conversations and better friendships.

If that sounds like a good deal.. get in touch and we'll help you start.